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Beyond the Expected

The pioneering mad scientists that took you on a whirlwind tour through history with steampunk, electricity, and the study of scientific elements are now ready to transport you to the future.

The Foundry Collective combine the past, present, and future with Worm Hole, a cigar reinvented as a tunnel-connecting separate points in time.

In 1964, the greatest scientific minds of the day came together to ponder the question: what will the future look like? At the 1964 World’s Fair, they presented hundreds of possibilities.

50 Years later, we find ourselves equally fascinated, equally curious, about what the future has in store. Foundry Worm Hole, with its three uncommon blends, represents our attempt to peer through the wormhole of time to catch a glimpse of – and maybe even help shape – our future.

Foundry Worm Hole
1964 Blend
Foundry Worm Hole 1964

We begin our voyage through Worm Hole in 1964. What looks “retro” to us now, in fact represents a sophisticated and bold vision of the future. Sample this cigar’s ambitious blend of fine tobaccos, and you’ll see that even 50 years ago, The Foundry was ahead of its time.

Foundry Worm Hole
2014 Blend

Next stop? Now. We pause briefly in the present to sample the 2014’s Foundry cigar. It’s distinct blend of tobaccos give us a sense of how tastes have changed in the past 50 years and where we might be headed as we continue our journey.

Foundry Worm Hole
2064 Blend

Our journey through the Worm Hole has taken us 100 years from where we started. We arrive in a place that’s unfamiliar, a place beyond our wildest imagination. The cigar we encounter in this place is like nothing that has come before it – familiar, and yet somehow totally new, totally unexpected, and totally remarkable.

War of Currents was inspired by Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla’s race to bring electricity to the world. The Foundry team were also driven by inspiration in their quest to shift the paradigms of the premium cigar category.

A great cigar transports us through the glowing moments of our past into the unlimited possibilities of tomorrow. In 2012, we combined the best of our reality and dreams with the revolutionary Foundry, an artisan cigar containing tobaccos that you have never experienced.

The Periodic Table shows nature’s variety at its most basic – and extraordinary. Each element presents a unique combination with its own distinct properties. Our popular Carbon and Uranium cigars are joined this year by three exciting new entries: Cobalt, Lithium, and Dubnium.

Inspired by this rich variety, we created Compounds, Elements, and Musings as a study in contrasts and complexity. By blending and combining different tobaccos handpicked from every corner of the globe, we are able to offer a range of cigars, each completely unique.

The first release from The Mao Project. Conceived from original seeds from the 1960s, selected from the General Cigar Company seed library and regenerated eight times. Tobacco nurtured in a small experimental plot in the Dominican Republic. Harvested and aged in small batches. A three year collaboration between sun, air, soil, agronomists, and the masterminds of Foundry Tobacco Company. Extremely rare and limited in supply. This is Rare Air.


A dreamy smoke born of Mao. Beautiful, oily Rosado Claro wrapper. Spicy with a touch of sweet. Agricultural expertise and masterful blending brought to life. Enjoy.


A pleasant diversion from the status quo. Wrapped in deep luster. Tasty, slightly sweet. Indulge.


Not for the faint of heart. A powerhouse blend. Deep, rich wrapper. A smoke with swagger, made just for the initiated. Go for it.


Looks are deceiving. A warm golden wrapper entices. Sweet and pleasant flavors ensue. Spiked with spice and bitters. Take the trip.

Why a moose? And why is he chillin'? It’s because he knows a secret – you don't need an expensive cigar to have a good time. Available in three sizes, Chillin' Moose gives you more bang for your buck. So kick back, light up, and stop worrying about your wallet.